3 Benefits of PTC Heating Technology for Laundry Drying

Laundry Drying is a pretty straightforward chore that does not require special skill. But it is still a challenge to speed up the drying process. Especially since the monsoon season in Singapore isn’t helping much either.

It can be difficult to find the right heating technology for laundry drying. Most automated laundry systems demand an innovative combination of efficiency and safety in their heaters.

At CAPTAIN, we find that the perfect solution to automated laundry system is PTC heating technology, PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) heaters consist of specialized heating discs built from advanced ceramic materials. These safe, powerful and energy-efficient heaters allow for exceptional heat production and transfer within even the smallest spaces. Next, we will cover what we believe to be the top three benefits of modern PTC heating technology.

Increased Levels of Safety

On its own, this is a powerful reason to make the switch to PTC heating technology. Traditional heaters run at internal temperatures that can exceed 900℉(482).Compare this  with PTC heaters that usually run at 518℉(270), as you might expect, lower running temperatures will always bring an increase in safety.

The temperature does not need to reach the boiling point of water to dry clothes. Between 50℃-60℃ is good enough to mimic the conditions of drying your laundry under the direct sunlight. While drying your laundry speedily, you can eliminate bacteria too. For the uninitiated, 60℃ is the perfect temperature to kill bacteria.

Moreover, because PTC stones do not generate heat at a constant rate like resistance wires, they will cool down quickly to avoid overheating. PTC heaters are also less susceptible to overheating due to scale buildup or sludge.

Longer Lasting

As with any piece of equipment, the longer internal temperatures stay high, the shorter the lifespan. Much like an overheating cell phone or laptop, a heater will not last too long if allowed to operate at extreme temperatures. As mentioned above, PTC heaters only generate the heat necessary to fulfill its preprogrammed goal. This limits overheating which means less chance for it to burn out.

Lower Operating Costs and Downtime

We have established that PTC heaters are safer and longer lasting. It only makes sense then that these benefits will directly affect your bottom line in a positive way. A self-limiting PTC system means less money spent on special equipment to avoid overheating like trip protectors. In addition to that, the smoother running PTC heater also breaks down less needs and less maintenance.


Time-saving is a big reason why CAPTAIN has continually captured the hearts of many. Our signature PTC heating technology features a combination of in-built air circulators and heating temperature of up to 60℃ to accelerate drying performance while minimizing the time needed to dry, and getting rid of bacteria.

Taking into consideration all the aforementioned benefits in mind, you can even dry laundry indoors at any time of the day with CAPTAIN automated laundry system. Now you neither have to chase the sun nor be chased away by the rain.