4 Places To Put Your CAPTAIN Safe

It may take time to consider where to put your CAPTAIN safe at home, whether it is moving into a new home or adding it to your already well designed house. Nevertheless if you are living in a very limited space or have plenty to spare it still may be a tough decision to make. Here are a few realistic and creative ideas you can take in consideration when deciding!


Since we rarely spend any time in our bedrooms during the day, why not use it to put your CAPTAIN safe? Moreover, you can replace your nightstand with a safe box, giving it another purpose. It could even be reassuring sleeping with your valuables right next to you. 

Living Room 

Our living room can look quite plain and ordinary sometimes with only the basic furnitures, adding your home safe to the space will definitely make it unique and special, giving your visitors a distinctive first impression. Furthermore, you can also set up decorations like family photos on top of the safe box,

Walk-in Wardrobe 

With the limited square footage we have in our homes, it is important to utilise every single square foot and not let any go to waste. If you are planning to place your jewelleries in the safe, it will also make it easier to get ready and go out having it near your clothes. 

Home Office 

For those who work at home and have one room set up as their office, it will definitely be convenient to have your safe near you if you have important documents kept inside it. You could retrieve them quickly anytime whether it is during an online meeting or discussion. 

Depending on the purpose of your home safe, the best suitable places can differ. However don’t let it prevent you from being creative and letting your imaginations run wild. Your CAPTAIN safe might fit right in places you have never imagined.