4 Reasons of Switching to Digital Door Lock

Switching to digital door lock brings us lots of significant advantages. It makes your life easier and more convenient. The following tells us why we need to change to digital door locks. 

The type of door lock will greatly influence the level of safety and convenience you can expect from using them. The traditional lock often puts you at a disadvantage. They require you to keep up with keys, which you can easily miss. Additionally, they are also often susceptible to being picked or “bumped” by thieves.

In fact, lost or stolen keys can pose a significant security risk as well. From the time they leave your possession, someone can potentially make copies. And of course, they do that without your knowledge or consent. 

The digital door locks are increasing in popularity with both homeowners and business owners. This is because of their remarkable convenience and utility. Here’s more of the surprising benefits you can expect to receive as changing into digital door lock. 


Entry and Exit Without Using Key Thanks to Digital Door Lock

The convenience of keyless entry may be the most outstanding benefit of installing digital door locks. You will not fumble around with keys when you try to unlock the door at night, nor are you in any need of calling a locksmith when you’re locked out of the house or having frantic search for keys when rushing to get out the door. To put it simply, the need for keys is no longer there. 

You simply place your finger or input your PIN number on the screen. Then, you will be inside with no fuss and no muss. When you leave the house, the digital door lock will automatically lock behind you, which essentially eliminates that all-too-common scenario where you’re halfway to work and remembered you forgot to lock the house or started wondering whether you locked it or not.


Digital Door Lock Helps Increase Security

Digital door lock offers a higher level of security, they are pick proof and bump proof. Whereseas the traditional lock is subjected to both lock picking and lock bumping, the latter of which leaves no signs of forced entry. This makes it all too difficult to collect from your insurance company if the theft scenario was to happen.


Digital Door Lock Helps Add More Safety for Kids

Digital door lock eliminates the need for your child to keep up with a house key. Especially if they go back home from school before you come home after work. During a busy school day, the child is likely to accidentally drop or misplace keys. And what happens if they’re locked out of the house after class? This poses a potential risk to their safety as well. 

With a digital door lock, all your child needs to have is their personal registered fingerprints and security code. Accordingly, they can enter it into the keypad to unlock the main door. When they’re inside, the lock will automatically lock behind them. It makes sure that they are safe and sound.

Digital door lock is beneficial for parents of kids with special needs as well. The kids lock function of SIEMENS digital lock provides an additional layer of security. In a situation where it is better to keep a child inside as it will keep them out of harm’s way. For example, children with autism spectrum disorder may have the tendency to depart from the house and wander off with or without adult supervision. 


Digital Door Lock Has Better Durability

The traditional lock can get worn down over time. Eventually, it will malfunction because of its frequent and heavy use. Have you ever had to deal with a lock that requires you to jiggle or shimmy the key just to get it to work? If yes, you can know how aggravating it can be. Nevertheless, accidentally breaking off a key inside the lock can be a pain to deal with as well.

Digital locks are remarkably durable, as they do not need to sustain the repetitive friction of inserting and turning keys. Touching the screen is all that you have to do, and you have already engaged the lockset and opened the door. Are you still on the fence about whether or not to switch to digital locks? High ESD standard and semiconductor fingerprint sensor of SIEMENS digital lock will let you enjoy a peace of mind. The above considerations should serve as a great reminder of their many advantages. When you need security, convenience and ease usage all in one, the advantages of using digital door locks are hard to beat.

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