5 Benefits of a Digital Lock

1. Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of a digital lock is that you don't need to carry around a key. Instead, you can unlock the door by entering a code or using face recognition or fingerprint. This is especially useful if you have a tendency to misplace your keys or if you don't want to carry a bulky keychain around with you. 


Digital locks are generally very easy to use and offer quick access to your home or office, with most models featuring simple, intuitive interfaces. Once you've set up your lock, all you need to do is enter your code or place your finger on the scanner or locate your face at the camera to unlock the door.


With a digital lock, you will have multiple access options. For example, you can set up the lock to recognize multiple faces, fingerprints or assign different codes to different people. This means that you can give family members, friends, or employees access to your home or office without having to provide them with a physical key. 

2. Increased Security 

Digital locks are generally more difficult to pick or bump compared to traditional locks. This is because they do not have the same mechanical components that traditional locks have, which can be manipulated by skilled lock pickers. Digital locks often have advanced security features, such as anti-tampering alarms, to prevent unauthorized access.


Many digital locks use strong encryption to protect the access codes or biometric data used to unlock them. This makes it very difficult for hackers to intercept and decode the information used to gain access to the lock.


Some digital locks can be monitored remotely, allowing you to check who has entered or exited your home or office at any given time. This can provide added security, as it allows you to keep an eye on who is accessing your property.

3. Customisable Access 

One of the key benefits of a digital lock is that it allows for customizable access. With a digital lock, you can set up multiple access codes, fingerprints or recognize different faces to unlock the door which can be particularly useful if you need to give access to family members, friends, or employees. This means that you can provide different people with different levels of access, depending on their needs.

For example, you might give a family member a permanent access code that allows them to come and go as they please, while giving a friend a temporary access code that only works for a specific period of time. You could also set up an access code for a housekeeper or pet sitter that only works during certain hours of the day.

Digital locks also allow you to change or revoke access codes easily if needed. This means that if someone no longer needs access to your home or office, you can simply delete their code or fingerprint from the lock's memory. This is much more convenient than having to collect physical keys from people or change the locks altogether, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

4. Remote Access

Many digital locks come with a smartphone app or other software that allows for remote access. This means that you can lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. With remote access, you can grant access to visitors, friends, or family members without having to be physically present to give them a key or access code. You can also use remote access to check whether the door is locked when you're away from home or to monitor who is coming and going. Remote access provides added convenience and flexibility, making it easier to manage access to your home or office. 

5. Activity Record  

Many digital locks come with activity logs that record when the lock was opened and by whom. These records can be accessed through a smartphone app or other software and provide a useful record of who has accessed the lock and when. Activity logs can be particularly useful for identifying any suspicious activity, such as someone repeatedly attempting to access the lock with the wrong code or biometric data. They can also be used to monitor the comings and goings of family members, employees, or visitors. Some digital locks even allow for activity alerts, which notify you when someone has accessed the lock. Activity logs provide added security and peace of mind, allowing you to keep track of who is accessing your property. 

For many of us who grew up in HDBs, using a digital lock in Singapore can seem like an unfamiliar experience. But for homeowners, it offers an innovative solution to access to homes while also serving as a charming part of your house décor. 

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