5 Places to Install Your CAPTAIN Automated Laundry System

It may require lots of thoughtful thinking and tough decision making when it comes to the perfect spot to install your automated laundry system, whether you are moving to a new house or adding it to your already cozy home. Here are 5 places for you to consider installing your CAPTAIN automated laundry system, regardless if you have limited space or plenty to spare. 

Living Room 

Your living room gives your guest the first impression when they walk inside your home, so why not make it special. An automated laundry system will definitely be a unique decor and add some distinctive colors to your house. Moreover, you can even hang your damp laundry while watching TV!


It is quite common to see flats with a wide balcony space, so why not use it to its maximum potential? Some fresh air while doing laundry will be nice as well, it will be even better if you live on high stories with an amazing view. Furthermore, every CAPTAIN automated laundry system comes with a LED light, so you won’t ever need to be worried about doing laundry in the dark at night. 


The space in the hallway is always wasted, and there’s usually nothing we could do except hanging pictures and paintings on the walls. However installing your automated laundry system there will certainly give it some purpose, and make your hallway different from others.

If you are worried about your laundry not drying fast enough, CAPTAIN automated laundry system’s got you covered with the blower and heater function, which will automatically shut down after 2 hours once activated. 


Since we rarely spend our time in the bedroom during the day, why not install your automated laundry system there? If you ever find yourself waking up late, you can just grab your laundry still not folded away rather than going through your closet trying to come up with a decent fit. You could also be up to some last minute laundry just before bed. 


If you are those struggling with laundry space with a very tiny and limited flat, having your kitchen and laundry combined in one room might be a very practical choice. Call it some time management skill when you use that time waiting for your cuisine to cook to hang up some damp laundry on your automated laundry system. 

Depending on the layouts of your home, the best suitable place for your CAPTAIN automated laundry system can definitely differ. However, don’t let any of it prevent you from letting your imagination run wild. As long as there is a power source, your CAPTAIN automated laundry system can go anywhere you desire, it might fit perfectly in places you have never imagined.