5 Tips to Choose the Right Safe Box for Your Home

Home safes are a great addition to any home. They help centralise the classification and management of important and valuable items. In many aspects, they can be the best option for homeowners who want a simple way to get their valuables secure and ready to be put away after use. 

Before you rush out and buy the first safe box you see in Singapore, it is important to consider the different characteristics of safes and choose the right one that fits your home and your lifestyle. For new buyers, we have put together a little cheat sheet of essential things to look out for when purchasing a home safe.

1. Consider the Size

It might seem obvious, but many first-time buyers might forget about getting the right dimensions for their safes. The key to getting it right is doing a little prep work beforehand. By planning where your safe is going to be in the home and then taking a few measurements, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort later on.

A few things to consider are the space you have available and determining the most suitable place to put your safe box. This will likely be in your bedroom, living room or wardrobe/study room. Make sure the area is free from obstructions or space constraints that might not allow for a safe box. In the meantime you also need to make sure the safe box is large enough to store all your valuable and important items. 

2. Evaluate the Type of Protection Needed

There are different types of safe boxes, such as fireproof and burglar-proof. Consider what type of protection is most important to you and choose a safe box that provides the level of protection you need.

You do not need to stress out too much though. Home safe boxes are often built for typical family use and hence you should be able to find one that fulfils all your requirements. For example, the safe box CAPTAIN offers is both fireproof and burglar-proof, which is more than able to handle various emergency situations. 

3. Consider the Lock Type:

When thinking about a safe box, do not forget to take into account the lock type. Apart from the safe size and protection type, you will also need to consider the lock type. Safe boxes can come with a variety of locking mechanisms, including combination locks, electronic locks, and fingerprint locks. The use of passwords and fingerprints on safes are becoming more and more common. Choose the lock type that best suits your needs and preferences. 

On the other hand, CAPTAIN safe can be opened with both password and fingerprint as well as other features such as face recognition, which is not only convenient but also very quick and time saving. 

4. Think About the Location

Consider where you will place the safe box in your home. If you plan to store the safe box in a visible location, you may want to choose a more stylish model. If the safe box will be in a hidden area, a more basic model may be sufficient. Depending on the purpose of your home safe, the best suitable places can differ. Usually bedroom, wardrobe, living-room and home office are the popular places. According to your actual situation, choose the best suitable place to put your safe. 

5. Determine your Budget

Safe boxes can vary in price, depending on their size, type of protection, lock type and features. Determine your budget and choose a safe box that provides the protection you need within your budget.


Getting a safe box for your home is an exciting opportunity for homeowners. It can completely revolutionise the way you collect and protect your important and valuable items, in addition to saving you time, space, and effort.

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