6 Must Know Facts of SIEMENS Digital Lock

Thinking of purchasing a digital lock to upgrade your home security? Look no further than SIEMENS digital lock! Here are 6 must know facts about SIEMENS digital lock  that will persuade you it is the most suitable digital lock to put your faith in.  

Famous German Brand   

SIEMENS is a German multinational corporation, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, and one of the most known and trustworthy brands for digital products, such as digital locks. Founded in 1847, with almost 175 years of history, SIEMENS have refined every single one of its digital products and technology to perfection. 

Finest German Quality

German strict quality control and European production standards promises each SIEMENS digital lock to be of high durability and long life span. Based on the German quality standard, the technologies and features of SIEMENS digital lock include: internal and external separated chips, optimized electronic design, four bearings handle, and faraday cage, allowing you to rest assured on your purchase. 

Warranty and Support Service

After purchasing a SIEMENS digital lock, customers enjoy a 3 year warranty with no additional cost provided by CAPTAIN. During this period, repairs of digital locks are completely cost free, all you need to do is contact our staff! Support service is also offered through the local hotline 93755358 (whatsapp available) on any technological enquiries or questions you have about SIEMENS digital lock.

Multiple Color and Model Options

We provide multiple models of SIEMENS digital locks, available in a total of three colors: Space Gray, Champagne Gold, and  Bronze Gold. Although the prices vary for each model and color, all are designed to the best quality and finest aesthetic. 

Specialized Installation Team

CAPTAIN provides free installation and delivery for any purchased SIEMENS digital lock. The installation team specializes in the installation of digital locks, prioritizing efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience during the process. 

Global Shipping Available 

Although CAPTAIN is based in Singapore, we offer global shipping through orders placed online. No matter where you live, simply provide us with your address and postal code and we will offer a shipping quote, then your SIEMENS digital lock will be on the way to your home!

SIEMENS digital lock promises a superior security experience with its finest quality, technology and design. Hesitate no more and buy your own SIEMENS digital lock at https://www.captain.com.sg/ !