All You Need to Know About Sun Drying

Wondering whether to switch from using a tumbler dryer to hanging your laundry outside to dry? Or just browsing through all the options of drying your laundry, we have got you covered. From unpredictable weather patterns to enhancing freshness, here's all the benefits and drawbacks of sun drying your laundry. 


Reduce Energy Consumption 

Drying your clothes outside will without a doubt be much more eco friendly than using your tumble dryer, at the same time bringing you a step closer to a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore with zero energy consumption from drying laundry, you will also have less energy bills to pay, reducing the long term cost, and no initial cost from buying a tumble dryer. Think about how much money will be saved and all the places it could be spent instead. 

Lightens Stains 

The sun is known to have natural bleaching properties from its ultraviolet rays. This will help lighten even remove tough stains from tomato or BBQ sauce that haven’t come out fully in the wash. Drying your laundry in direct sunlight can also disinfect any leftover bacteria, to help keep you and your family safe. 

Longer Lasting Clothes 

Hanging your laundry out to dry is a lot more gentle than leaving it in a dryer. The heat and agitation from the dryer puts stress on the clothes, causing small tears invisible from the naked eye and shrinkage to the fabric over time. Sun drying your laundry will allow it to stay in shape longer and keep your favorite piece of clothing like you just bought them. 

Remove Strong Odors 

Direct sunlight kills any leftover bactering by breaking down its DNA, which helps remove the unpleasant smell from your laundry. Drying clothes outside will also give it a fresher and nicer smell, similar to a plant aroma, saving you from buying chemical laundry fresheners or fragranced dryer sheets that are harmful for the environment when it gets in waterways. 


Sun Fading 

Too much sunlight may not always be a good thing, while the sun’s bleaching properties can brighten white coloured clothing, it can also cause black or dark coloured clothing to become faded from the exposure. 

Lack of Space 

If you are one of those that live in a shoebox unit, finding space to dry your laundry outdoors may be a difficult problem. However, investing in a retractable laundry rack may be a great solution if your space is limited, and you want your house to be tidy and organized while not doing laundry. 

Unexpected Weather  

As annoying as it can get, returning home and finding your fresh batch of laundry wet from an unexpected rain show is probably not the most pleasant thing. Even worse, if it got stained from fallen leaves and debris and requires another washing. Realizing you are getting additional chores is definitely not the nicest feeling. 

Insect and Animal Stains 

Leaving your laundry hanging outdoors is definitely exposing it to the risk of birds and insects making flyover stops. You don’t want to be that unfortunate person who gets bird droppings or insect specks on their freshly washed laundry and having to put that through the washer again, even worse getting stains that are almost impossible to remove. 

Now you might be wondering, so what’s the perfect alternative to drying your laundry? Automated laundry system’s got you covered. It's not only ceiling bounded, which means it doesn’t actually take up any space in your house at all, CAPTAIN automatic laundry systems also have extremely low energy consumptions due to its 50 watt motor. Furthermore, it's also got the UV sterilization feature, which can disinfect your clothes from bacteria and turn off automatically after 30 minutes once activated. 

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