Better Machinery, Greener Earth

We live in a time of changes. The rapid rate of technology advancement is causing our one and only planet harm. It seems like the product of better technologies is always the result of a larger carbon footprint. But, with CAPTAIN we achieve more with less. The motor inside all of our automated laundry systems is the most environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, providing you with all the laundry drying features you will need in your life. 

Here's how our motor thrives to achieve more with less. 

1. Less Energy Consumption 

Our motor is only powered by 50 watt of electrical power, whereseas usual automated laundry systems are powered by 100. With less demand for energy at your homes creates less emission of power plants, which emit harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas responsible for global warming into the air. Help the planet and start with reducing your energy intake with CAPTAIN Singapore. 

2. Mute Motor Drive 

Another core technology of our motor is its ability to operate silently. With the level of noise at the minimum, it allows you to carry on with your tasks smoothly during the day and night. No matter where you decide to locate your automated laundry system, it's ensured that it will not be a distraction to the ear. 

3. Long Life Span 

All of our automated laundry systems are able to reach 100,000 times of continuous usage over the span of 10 years. Get comfortable with a new helpful friend by your side, that will make doing laundry way easier and more efficient than it is now. 

Choose CAPTAIN automated laundry system and do your part in contributing to a more beautiful and happier world. We hope our product can add the cherry on the cake to make your daily life more wonderful than it already is.