Debunking Common Myths About Digital Door Locks

You must have heard a thing or two about digital door locks, whether it is from your friends and colleagues, or just encountered them when scrolling through social media. Are any of them the truth though? Like most myths they are absolutely false, that’s why we will go through each myth below and debunk them in this article. If you are considering investing in a digital door lock for your home security set up, don’t let any of these myths dissuade you.

“Digital doors locks stop working in an power outage”  

One of the major benefits of a digital door lock is actually its ability to function autonomously. This means it does not have to be connected to an electrical system or power for it to operate, so it will continue working perfectly during a black out. 

Digital door locks are instead powered by batteries, and when it’s on low battery an alarm will be activated to inform you. In any scenario that your battery runs out, the digital door lock will act as a normal lock, which means you can open it with keys until you replace the batteries. 

“Digital door locks are difficult to set up and confusing to operate” 

Digital door locks are designed to be user friendly, and more convenient than normal door locks. It comes in a variety of sizes and features to suit each customer’s needs and preferences. 

Each lock also comes with a manual and extensive tutorials to help you with the set up. However with CAPTAIN digital door locks, we offer free delivery and installation for any of our digital door locks purchased. Once it's set up, the operation will be a breeze and you will find yourself loving the new experience. 

“Digital door locks aren’t worth the investment” 

We all have our different preferences. If an improved and convenient security isn’t worth a slightly higher price to you, then it's absolutely fine. However, considering the difference between a digital door lock and analog lock, and all the additional features that come with a digital door lock, most people find it worth the investment and are willing to spend their savings. 

“You will be trapped without your phone”  

Digital door locks are there to keep you safe, not trap you in your own homes. In fact most smart locks have multiple unlocking features, such as face recognition or fingerprint. In any event that you lose your phone, or run out of battery, you will still be able to enter and exit freely from your house with the other unlocking features. 

It’s easy to get skeptical when things sound too good to be true. Increased security, multiple remarkable features, new technologies, easy set up and operation. You can’t deny the fact that digital door locks are a home security measure that is without doubt worth the investment. Get yours now at CAPTAIN, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries you have!