Digital Mortise Lock or Digital Ddd-on Lock, Which is the Right One For You?

A great digital lock will last you for several years at least, have a decent local warranty length, and efficient pre and post-sales customer service. Truth to be told, you can find all of those things easier than ever at CAPTAIN.


The different digital locks we offer can be confusing, especially if you are not constantly up to date with CAPTAIN news. If you find yourself stuck between choosing a digital mortise lock and a digital add-on lock, don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure it out! 


Continue reading to find out about the most important features and functions, plus some additional info to help you decide. Here’s all that you need to know about the difference between digital mortise locks and digital add-on locks. 

Locking Difference

Digital mortise lock is installed on the main door for the security of your house. So you do not need any other lock on the main door once you installed the digital mortise lock. Digital mortise lock’s whole locking and unlocking system is inclusive of the tenon, handle, and digital system. There are 4 unlocking options available: fingerprint, password, card, and key.


Digital add-on lock is installed either on the main door or on the gate, acting as an assistant lock that needs another lock for the locking and unlocking. Digital add-on lock does not have a handle, and you need to keep your original door/lock handle when you install the digital add-on lock.

Installation Difference

Digital mortise lock is installed on the main door, and its locking system must be inserted into the main door. If you have the original mechanical lock, it needs to be removed and then replaced by the new digital mortise lock.


When a digital add-on lock is installed on the door or gate, the original mechanical lock doesn’t need to be removed. The handle especially must be reserved, as digital add-on lock does not have a handle. The digital add-on locking system is added on to the back of the door, and a slot needs to be installed on the back of the door frame. Which is why the digital add-on lock is usually called a rim lock.

Security Difference  

The security of digital mortise lock and digital add-on lock is different based on the different locking system and installation process. The digital mortise lock integrated with the main door is more secure than the add-on lock. SIEMENS digital mortise lock has 5 tenons, and the add-on lock has only one tenon, which is why digital mortise locks have a more powerful and impregnable security system than add-on locks. 


If you are still hesitating whether to buy a digital mortise lock or a digital add-on lock, digital mortise lock is definitely the go to option for a stronger security system, offering the security promised by locks. The price may be slightly cheaper for a digital add-on lock, but comparing the usage lifespan, overall security and aesthetic, it can’t be denied that digital mortise locks definitely have the upper hand.