Discover 3 Essential Tips for Selecting the Perfect Digital Lock for Your Home

Integrating digital locks into your home offers numerous benefits. They streamline the process of securing your door without the hassle of keys, minimizing the risk of losing them. Digital locks not only simplify access but also enhance security, thwarting potential intruders effectively. For homeowners seeking a cost-effective, efficient, and convenient solution, digital locks stand as the ideal choice, ensuring unrestricted access to their homes effortlessly.

Before impulsively purchasing the first digital lock you encounter in Singapore, it's crucial to evaluate the various features and find the one that aligns with your home and lifestyle. To assist new buyers, we've compiled a helpful cheat sheet outlining key factors to consider when investing in a digital lock.

  • Mortise Lock or Add-on Lock

A digital mortise lock, crucial for home security, replaces the need for additional locks on your main door. Its comprehensive system includes the tenon, handle, and digital components.

On the other hand, a digital add-on lock serves as a supplementary lock, fitting either on the main door or gate. Unlike the mortise lock, it lacks a handle, requiring you to retain your original door/lock handle during installation. Depending on the situation in your own home, you should first consider which kind of lock to use.

  • Unlocking options

When considering purchasing a digital lock, it's essential to determine which unlocking methods suit your needs best. Digital locks offer various options, including long-term and temporary passwords, fingerprints, facial recognition, card access, traditional keys, and smartphone integration. Assess your lifestyle and preferences: if you prefer convenience, mobile app integration might be ideal; for security, consider biometric methods like fingerprints or facial recognition. Temporary passwords are handy for guest access. Understanding your requirements ensures you choose a digital lock that aligns perfectly with your daily routine and security concerns.

  • Handle Type

When choosing a digital lock, it's important to consider the handle type: lever handles or push-pull handles. Lever handles operate by turning horizontally, while push-pull handles are designed for pushing or pulling motions. Your choice should align with your door's design and your preferred usage style. Lever handles are common for regular doors, offering ease of use. Push-pull handles are suitable for desigener doors, providing a modern touch. Selecting the appropriate handle type ensures seamless operation and enhances both functionality and aesthetics.


Embracing a digital lock for your residence presents an exciting prospect for homeowners. It has the potential to transform your door access experience significantly, streamlining the locking and unlocking process while also offering the benefits of time and effort savings.

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