Discover 3 Unique Customization Options That CAPTAIN Safe Has for You

While you might be tempted to stick with your drawer for your important issues, there is just some personalization a safe box can offer more. 

From blending seamlessly into any space to customisable after-sales support, check out these 6 customisable features you probably never knew CAPTAIN offers.

Feel free to modify it as much as you desire.


Our safe boxes are designed with your needs in mind. We offer the flexibility to customize the dimensions according to your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact safe for your valuables or a larger one for documents and bulky items, we can tailor the size to fit seamlessly into your space. This personalized approach ensures that you get a safe box that not only meets your security needs but also integrates perfectly into your environment, providing you with peace of mind and convenience. Your safety, your way.


Our safe boxes offer a personalized touch with customizable color options. Tailored to meet your preferences, you can choose from a wide array of colors to match your decor or style. Whether you prefer classic black, sleek silver, or vibrant hues, our range ensures your safe box not only provides security but also complements your aesthetic tastes. Personalization is our priority, making your security solution uniquely yours.


Our safe boxes offer customizable interiors tailored to your needs. You have the freedom to design the interior layout according to your specifications. Whether you need compartments for jewelry, shelves for documents, or specialized storage for delicate items, we can accommodate your preferences. This level of personalization ensures that your safe box not only provides top-notch security but also offers practical and organized storage, making it the ideal solution for your valuables and important belongings. Your safety, your way.

 There are numerous possibilities to customize your safe box, whether it's with dimension, color, or interior, ensuring it complements your home's aesthetic. Beyond just harmonizing with your interior decor, choosing a CAPTAIN safe box can also be a smart and secure choice. By opting for this efficient solution, you not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also gain more security, making it a practical decision for any home.