Face Recognition in Digital Locks

Face recognition technology is increasingly becoming more widely used in digital locks. It is a biometric-based system that uses facial recognition software to identify and verify a person’s identity. The user’s face is scanned and compared to a stored image in the system. If the comparison is successful, the user is granted access.

Face recognition technology offers a number of advantages over traditional key-based locks and digital locks. Here are a few listed below. 


A face recognition digital lock is much more convenient as there is no need to carry a physical key around. Face recognition also does not require physical contact with an object, unlike fingerprint and password, making it much more easy and quick to operate. 


Face recognition also makes entry into homes much more secure as it uses multiple points of reference for authentication. It is also much harder to replicate a person’s face than a traditional key or fingerprint. 

Faster Access 

Face recognition technology can process data faster than other recognition technologies, like fingerprint, password and card. Therefore making it much more efficient as it can be used to quickly grant or deny access to a facility. 

As of today, face recognition technology is becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential applications. From access control to time and attendance tracking, the number of its applications are growing rapidly. In the near future, it is likely that we will see more businesses and homes using this face recognition to secure their premises.

CAPTAIN D720 uses the latest 3D structured light face recognition technology, it prevents photos and videos impersonating as well as fake face attacks. Furthermore, the security of this technology exceeds the security of the online payment system. CAPTAIN D720 model’s appearance also adopts a race car streamline design, making it both fashionable and beautiful. 

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