How to Best Care for Your Clothes

If you have been stuck wondering what is wrong with your laundry routine after repeatedly discovering your favorite pieces of clothing either stretched or shrunk, you are not alone. Learn what’s best for your clothes to prevent them from ever shrinking or stretching again, and saving yourself from heartbreak when you discover your favorite pair of jeans ruined. 

Read Washing Labels 

If you have been making the careless mistake of assuming every piece of clothing is washed the same way, now it’s the time to stop. Laundry directions for each type of fabric varies, so make sure to check the care label of the garment to keep it at its best condition. Some fabric like wool is best cared for when hand washed. It is important to meet the washing and drying requirement of each clothing to prevent it from shrinking. 

Use Cold Water 

While washing your clothes in cold water doesn’t guarantee that it will never shrink, it is less likely to shrink or fade, and can also reduce wrinkles. Hot water on the other hand is known to be damaging to most fabrics, and cause the fibers to go out of shape quickly. 

Gentle Wash Cycles 

Avoid heavy duty wash cycles and fast spins if your clothes are not made of sturdy fabrics or if it's not heavily soiled, as the high agitation and long wash time can distort fabrics and cause shrinkage to the clothes. Gentle wash cycles on the other hand exert less stress and pressure on the fabric, helping the garment to maintain its original shape and size. 

Avoid High Temperatures 

Exposing your clothes to high heat can cause damage to the fabrics and clothes to wear out faster. Most textile fabrics also shrink when exposed to high temperatures. Moreover putting your clothes frequently in the dryer can also be more damaging than expected, the rough tumbling action and heat can shrink, tangle, stretch and destroy the clothing materials. 

The best option is to replace your dryer with an automated laundry system, where you can choose to dry your clothes with soft wind from the blower option, gentle to the fabric while consuming less energy. 

Air Dry

Air drying is one of the most gentle ways of drying your clothes. It is not only more environmentally friendly and saves your money, but also reduces wrinkles and creases as well as increasing the lifespan of your favorite garments! 

If you are worried about the weather affecting the drying time, consider investing in an automated laundry system, it’s indoors and fast-drying. With CAPTAIN automated laundry system, the heater and blower function will ensure your clothes dry even on rainy days. The inbuilt 50 watt motor is also environmentally friendly, saving you money while providing quiet operation during the night. 

Nevertheless with all the laundry tips it is still inevitable sometimes for your clothes to shrink and stretch as it’s lifespan increases. However, with the practice of these useful tips, you can still do your part to help some of your favorite garments last longer and stay looking as wonderful as the day you bought them.