How to Best Care for your Precious Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry we own, whether hand made or store bought, all hold some meaning to us, and a reason behind each purchase. To help keep your precious jewelry safe without a scratch, here are some storage tips to take care of them, for you to wear them forever and to pass on to your loved ones. 

Keep It Away From Skincare 

When applying lotions or sunscreen, or spraying perfume and hairspray, take off your jewelry and put it somewhere where it won’t come in contact. These skincares create a film on the surface of your jewelry, which dull the gemstones and make it dingy, after leaving a residue. Consider keeping a ring dish near your bathroom sink so you can get in the habit of taking your jewelry off. 

Keep It Dry 

The moisture in the air will cause jewelry to tarnish overtime. The best way is to keep it in a dry and clean space, to limit exposure to air and moisture. You can consider investing in a safe, which will not only protect your precious jewels from humid air, but also unexpected events and ensure that they are secure. 

Avoid Sunlight 

When exposed to direct light, the color of gemstones might fade or deepen in color, causing the colors to become dull and lose their original shine. Although sunlight doesn’t damage the silver in your jewelry, it can also make it tarnish faster. To prevent damage to your jewels, store it in a dark place.

Separate Different Types 

It is best to keep your gold jewelry separate from your silver ones, as gold scratches easily. You could store them in individual soft cloth bags or in the original boxes that they came in. However, if you want to save storage space or just simply want to display your loved jewels, a safe box may come in handy again. Furthermore, there are individual compartments for your rings and necklaces just like your jewelry box. 

To help you take care of your precious jewelry, CAPTAIN safe box’s got you covered. You can not only sort your jewelry into different compartments and keep it from harm’s way, but also customize it based on your preference, as well as keeping other important documents safe and secure. Learn more at, and feel free to contact us with any inquiries.