How to Dry Bed Sheets

With the limited square feet in our housing flats, not having enough drying space may become an issue, especially with our king sized bed sheets. Here are four approaches you can consider and use as a comprehensive guide when deciding on how you want to dry your bed sheets. 


Going to a laundromat near you may be the easiest option of all. Just bring your bed sheets along and you can do the washing and drying all in one go. However the waiting time may get a bit dull, and may cost you the entire afternoon. If you also don’t have a laundromat near you, carrying your bed sheets all the way back is likely to be a tedious journey.


Putting your washed bed sheets into a dryer is another option to consider. However this means you have to give in to the unappealing electrical bills every month, and also make peace with the wrinkles in your bed sheet or spend extra time ironing it. 

Air Dry

Another possibility is to simply air dry your bed sheets, either indoors close to a window with access to direct sunlight and natural heat or outdoors on a retractable laundry rack. There will be specific sports you will find that will be perfect for this task in your home. The down side to this is that it is not very reliable and time efficient, on cloudy and rainy days, your bed sheets might just take forever to dry. 

Automated Laundry System 

Drying your bed sheets with an automated laundry system is definitely one of the best ideas. You can beat any bad weather with the blower and heater function, which will automatically turn off after two hours. The extendable poles will also allow you to dry your king sized bed sheets with ease. Even more, the only installation space it requires is the ceiling, so worry no more if you live in a shoebox unit where each square foot is valued! 

Everyone has their preferences, and it is important to choose one that is just suitable for you. However if you want to save time, save space, and save money, it is about time to invest in a CAPTAIN automated laundry system