Reasons Why Laundry Systems Are Better Than Dryers

There are different ways you can choose to dry your clothes, and each has its own pros and cons. Using an automated laundry system may seem like hard work, hanging each piece of clothing individually to dry, but it has some great benefits as well. 

Saves the Bill 

Top and most convincing reason is it saves money. The cost of purchasing an automated laundry system and a dryer may be similar, but the electricity bill rather has a significant difference. To conclude it all, it is much cheaper to operate a laundry system than a dryer, think of all the wonderful things you can spend your money on other than utility bills. 

Promotes Physical Activity & Health 

Getting physically active and exercising is the best kept secret in preventive medicine, you can never underestimate what small tasks such as hanging laundry can do. Did you know 15mins of hanging laundry can burn approximately 70 calories, equivalent to one slice of whole grain toast! 

More Gentle on Clothing 

The high heat in dryers is a lot more dangerous than you think. It can cause irreversible damage to clothing, such as stretching and shrinking. Slowly but surely ruining fabrics and garments you love. On the other hand, an automated laundry system is a lot more gentle to fibres than a dryer, providing you the care your most beloved clothes need.  

Enhances Freshness 

Air dried clothing smells much fresher than tumble dried clothing without all the additional fabric softener and dryer sheets. Especially for those sensitive with smells, it is necessary to decrease the use of chemical fresheners, say not fresh air is completely free to use. 

Helps Disinfects Laundry 

The ultra-violet (UV) rays found in sunlight are also responsible for killing bacteria and viruses while drying your clothes. Ever worried about a cloudy day? With CAPTAIN automated laundry system, both its blower and heater function allow you to dry your laundry on dark and gloomy days. While it's UV sterilisation function ensures you clean and hygiene clothes at all times.