Smart Lock vs Digital Lock Which One Is For You?

As digital locks and smart locks are slowly replacing traditional mechanical locks, you may find yourself coming to a difficult decision when considering which one is the right choice for your home. While both locks have the benefit of convenience, where you don’t need to carry your keys around, they are a little different in terms of their features. Here are some differences to consider when finding out which suit your home better. 

Digital Locks 

A digital lock usually offers access through coming into physical contact with the lock, such as entering pin codes, fingerprints and through using a magnetic card or mechanical key which is the same as a traditional lock. 

If you are just looking to invest in a lock for the convenience of not having to carry your keys around, then a digital lock will suffice. Moreover, it can also be really useful for seniors who tend to be forgettable with their belongings. 

Smart Locks 

A smart lock on the other hand is more high tech, it not only allows you to remotely unlock the door by app through connecting to your wi-fi, but also allows unlocking through face recognition feature while also having all the features of a digital door lock. 

Smart locks are a step up to digital lock, and are for those who prefer to use their smartphone as a key. Moreover, it can also provide temporary access to your visitors by giving them a temporary password which can only be opened at a designated time you set, which is helpful for those who regularly have visitors or part time cleaners coming by. 

For those who love to have a high tech home and are familiar with home automation technologies, then smart locks are the perfect choice for you. However don’t worry if you are not, it is really straightforward and easy to operate and has more features then a digital door lock, so definitely a worthy investment! Nevertheless, a digital lock is still another great option for those who don't like to deal with anything fancy and just simply want a digital door lock.

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