The Science Behind Premium Safe Box


Have you ever wondered about the technologies behind premium safe boxes? And what makes them so effective from inner mechanism to overall aesthetics? Here are four features of CAPTAIN premium safe boxes that strengthens security and makes them what they are. 

Laser Cut Door

The safe door can be a weak spot on a safe if it is made of thin metal or if there is a frame with a considerably wide gap in between, which makes it easier to pry open. A laser cut door provides more security and solves the problem above with more advanced technology. It provides a flat surface that merges the safe door with the door frame, giving no point of support to pry open. It also narrows the gap in between significantly thanks to the precision of laser cutting, further strengthening the safe box. 

Laser Cut Door used in every CAPTAIN Safe Box Series 

Mortise and Tenon Structure 

The Mortise and Tenon Joint have been used around the world to connect two pieces of material usually at right angles for thousands of years. It is a craftsmanship that requires precise and tight cutting, as the tenon has to be cut to fit the mortise hole exactly. In CAPTAIN safe boxes, the joints are then further wedged to be locked in place. This is also what makes the Mortise and Tenon structure strong and stable, and extremely suitable for safe boxes to strengthen its security. 

Mortise and Tenon Structure used in every CAPTAIN Safe Box Series 

Four Sided Bolts 

A four sided bolt mechanism locks the safe on all four sides, whereseas the most common bolt mechanism is only one sided, leaving the other three sides in more exposure of being pry open. A four sided bolt mechanism will ensure further security and makes it even more difficult to be broken into and pry open. 

Four Sided Bolts used in CAPTAIN’s LS6 Series

Idling Handle 

An idling handle is automatically separated from the mechanism system of the safe box once the safe is locked. This process will protect the safe box if an attempt is made to open it by force. As the handle is separated from the rest of the safe, the safe box will be permanently locked in place unless there is authentication of fingerprints or password. This will further strengthen the security of the safe box, and protect it from forced break-ins. 

Idling Handle used in CAPTAIN’s LS6 & S3 Series 

All of the four features are what makes a premium safe box. It may be rare to identify all four in a single safe box, but CAPTAIN’s LS6 safe box series has all the four features listed above. CAPTAIN strives to achieve freedom through security, and making our products premium quality with modern technology.