The Wonder of Material Behind Automated Laundry Systems (I)


The most commonly used material for automated laundry systems are either aluminium or stainless steel, which are widely used in other products as well due to both of its advantageous properties. 

Advantages of Aluminium 

Light Weight

It is not an unknown secret that aluminium is one of the best known materials for its lightweight, approximately weighing only 2.71 grams per cubic metre, while not affecting its overall performance. Furthermore, the airframe for fighter jets are mostly composed of aluminium, further outlining its undeniable strength. One of the reasons CAPTAIN chooses aviation-grade aluminium for its products.  

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is a natural process for material where it goes through gradual destruction through time. Aluminium however, is one of the best corrosion resistant materials, as it generates an extremely thin protective coating when it comes in contact with an oxidising environment. 


Moreover, CAPTAIN automated laundry system provides an additional electrophoretic coating, especially against salt and minerals. Which is beneficial for people living near the sea, further improving the overall corrosion resistance of the metal and ensuring you a longer usage lifespan. 


If you are ever worried about the smell of newly purchased items, it will not be a problem when it comes to CAPTAIN automated laundry system. Aluminium is one of the materials that does not have a substance smell at all and is also completely toxic free, guaranteeing you safe and pleasant usage. 


Not only is aluminium 100% recyclable, the recycled aluminium unlike other materials, is also able to retain all of its original properties. This means it will be identical to its virgin product, and completely environmentally friendly as the product itself will not be wasted and instead be part of a circular economy for the wellbeing of our future earth.


Aluminium is an excellent reflector of both heat and visible light. When automated laundry systems are placed indoors, it is capable of reducing internal solar heat and lowering the temperature within the house as it reflects the sunlight back into the atmosphere. This is extremely useful for people living in a tropical region, with the blazing sun present all year round.