Tips On How to Make Laundry Easy & Time Efficient

No matter how much we want it to, there's no way we can make laundry day go away. But there are ways to make it less painful than it is. Here’s some top tips and advice on how to make doing laundry easier, quicker and less a source of burden to your life.  

1. Sort Your Clothes Beforehand 

Sorting your laundry can be a tedious task to do on the day, so it pays to have a habit of doing it automatically beforehand. Invest in divided hampers, having dark clothes in one section and lights in another. This way, everything will be ready to go once it gets to the laundry room and saves you loads of time.  

2. Keep it Crease Free 

You don’t want to spend that extra time ironing your clothes after getting it out of the dryer, nor do you want wrinkles on your shirt the following day. The best solution is getting an automated laundry system. Hang your clothing the minute it gets out of the washer, and give yourself time to relax before transporting them back to the closet again. 

3. Large Scale Drying 

The amount of clothes on laundry days can be overwhelming, the best way to deal with that is obviously drying them in one go. With CAPTAIN, even our smallest system can extend to dry your king size bed sheets, say not a few baskets of your laundry. 

4. Short Drying Time 

You don’t want laundry day to drag on any longer than it needs. While keeping your clothing wrinkles free, CAPTAIN automated laundry system also contains air circulators which provide high speed drying that dry your clothes within 2 hours, at the same time providing anti-bacteria protection with our UV sterilisation function. 

5. Select a Suitable Laundry System

Every home is different, so it is necessary to find one system that suits you. From automated to pulley to retractable, CAPTAIN provides you a variety of colours, sizes and features to choose from. You will find one that fits perfectly in your home and life, taking your laundry day to the next level, a step further than everyone else.