What Makes a Good Safe Box

People always attempt to preserve objects of value. The security principle has been increasingly perfected over time. At CAPTAIN, we are committed to this tradition and philosophy. We regard our craftsmanship as a gesture of appreciation to what is beautiful and valuable.


A CAPTAIN Safe is about more than maximum protection – it is about elegantly blending function and form with individuality and security at uncompromising levels of quality for our customers’ most valued belongings. A CAPTAIN Safe is a beautiful product that fits seamlessly into a luxury lifestyle, offering highly customized levels of security protection without sacrificing grace or style. Whether it is watches, jewellery, fine art, vital documentation or other valued possessions, CAPTAIN provides the ultimate peace of mind, combining security, beauty and convenience. According to your needs we aim to produce a safe that you can place wherever you desire – in your bedroom, in your cloakroom, dressing room, study or living room. 


Our design specialists are more than capable of incorporating the look of famous designer classics and lifestyle themes in the design – while maintaining necessary security standards at the same time. Our demands in terms of perfection and traditional high-quality workmanship are the basis and the guarantee of high-quality safe manufacturing and finished products. For more than 30 years, the brand name CAPTAIN has represented precision and innovation, as well as attention to the numerous details which make up a CAPTAIN safe in its entirety.


CAPTAIN produces the most secure and beautifully designed private safes in the world. To purchase a CAPTAIN safe box is to acquire a unique object made for life-long protection of your valuables. The safes can be custom made to your specifications.

Our security concept is the result of lengthy consideration, coupled with experiences and insights. Thus, we produce precisely the safe that will comply with your individual need for security and aesthetics: a safe that combines handcrafted passion with 

state-of-the-art technology. Every single component, as well as the finished product, is subjected to stringent quality controls. 


Whether you are a watch collector, jewellery lover or an owner of other rare collections, the interior is what makes a CAPTAIN safe something personal and special.

Outstanding craftsmanship and passion for detail are critical factors, so we take our time to build the exact trays you need. A safe that stores your jewellery properly and is easy to operate and maintain is the best thing that can happen to your valuables. Inside the trays, CAPTAIN suede has the highest surface quality and a durable texture. It is free of oxidizing substances and ideally suited for collections of jewellery, watches and other valuables.

Whether it be large or small rings, chains, earrings, bangles and necklaces, your finest jewellery and your dearest watches are treated by us the way they deserve – resting one by one on smooth material in tailor-made compartments.