What You Should Put In a Safe

When choosing a safe box, it does take time to consider the suitable one for your home. Here are some ideas of what you might want to put in your safe to help you get a better idea of what size you want to select, and to save yourself from wishing you had invested in a larger safe once discovering all the additional uses a safe box has. 


Your expensive and precious jewels should be left protected inside a safe, against unexpected events such as theft and natural disasters. From your finest golden bracelets to your emerald necklaces, they should be secured inside a safe rather than leaving it in a portable jewelry box or around the house when you are not wearing them. 

Important Documents 

Despite today’s tech heavy world, there will be times and emergencies when you will need direct access to your original paperwork. It is easy to lose track of your important documents when they are not properly kept or stored together with your insignificant ones. Keeping your important documents like birth certificates and immigration paperwork in a home safe will help you secure them and retrieve them easily for when you are ever in urgent need. 


Having some cash stored in a safe at home available for withdrawal anytime might be convenient in unexpected times. It could save you the time to stop by a cash withdrawal machine when you realize you are short on cash or if you are ever worried about a bank collapse and losing your entire life savings. 

Tangible Investments 

Gold, stock certificates, precious coins and limited edition items should be locked up inside a safe box to keep them protected from being pawned by visitors or misplaced during natural disasters. To keep your entire investments safe and secured, keeping them in a home safe will leave you rest assured. 

Family Heirlooms 

Rings and objects passed down from generation to generation may not be of much value but they are priceless and irreplaceable nevertheless. Imagine not only the pain of losing the ruby necklace passed from your great grandparents to you, but also your family’s generations of history. Your family heirlooms should be kept safe and protected inside a safe box for the future generations. 

Dangerous Medication 

For those who take dangerous medication, leaving them out in the medicine cabinet or in sight may not be the best and safest option for your family or children. It may be essential for you to keep your medication locked up in a safe to help better protect your family and for their own safety. 


It just ruins the fun when people find out about their surprises before they are supposed to. Storing your gifts in a safe will help you keep them hidden for when they are ready to be revealed if you ever came upon a gift too early in time. Next time when birthdays and Christmas come around, you will know for sure there will be no chance of early discovery. 


For the safety of your children and family, keeping any weapons that may possess a risk locked away is definitely a high priority. If hunting or target shooting is one of your hobbies, it is important to keep the guns, hunting bow, arrows and any other weapons in a safe to prevent your kids from ever accessing it out of interest. 

There are a variety of things that you can keep in a safe box and it is important to take all in consideration when investing in one. At CAPTAIN safe, we have a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from, helping you find the best suitable for your home and meet the requirements of everything you want to store inside.