Which Renovation Stage Should You Install a Digital Lock?

We always receive this question: "When should I install a digital lock?" from our customers.

However, it's important to take a step back and consider where you are in the entire renovation process. Before diving into the answer, we recommend asking yourself other common questions to help make it easier. "What stage am I in with my renovation?" "Have I already purchased a door that is compatible with a digital lock?" "What type of digital lock am I looking for?" 

This detailed guide will assist you in identifying the crucial aspects to sort out before installing the digital lock, and the various stages of the installation process to expect. By answering these questions, you can ensure that you make the right decision for your home's security needs and incorporate the digital lock seamlessly into your renovation project.

1. Have you received the keys to your new house?

No:  For those who will recently become homeowners, we have good news for you! We offer a digital lock reservation service for up to one year from the date of purchase. This means that you can secure your preferred promotion and select an installation date that is most convenient for you within the year.

Yes: Great news! We are here to assist you every step of the way. Do you need us to schedule a free site measurement for your digital lock installation? Alternatively, you may reach out to our support hotline via WhatsApp to get expert advice on the best placement for your lock. If you have blueprints of your home, feel free to share them with us to further streamline the process.

2. Do you need a free on-site measurement?

No: If you have already measured your door and are confident that the digital lock you have selected will fit, you can skip the free on-site measurement stage. It is not mandatory to book a site measurement in order to proceed with our installation services. Our website provides detailed dimensions for each of our digital locks, so you can check if it is compatible with your door before making a purchase.

Yes: Our measurement expert will guide you through the digital lock installation process during the 30-minute free on-site measurement. They will provide you with recommendations for the lock type and placement, and answer any questions you may have. You can share these suggestions with your interior designer or contractor to ensure that the installation meets your door needs. It's important to note that our free on-site measurement is not compulsory, and you can choose not to install the digital lock after the measurement if you change your mind.

3. Is your home scheduled for renovations?

No: Before the installation, ensure that a new door is ready for us to install for the digital lock, in particular make sure the space between the main door and gate is enough for a digital lock.

If you have an existing lock in place, we would remove it and install our digital lock in the same position. Any drill holes left behind by the previous system would also be covered or patched up (free of charge), but painting services are not provided.

Yes: We recommend having the digital lock installed after:

  1. The new main door and gate are installed.
  2. Most of the renovation work is completed.

During your installation, we would drill holes in the door or gate. These holes will be concealed by the body of the digital lock, so you need not worry about patching them up. 


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