Who Is Better Digital Lock? SIEMENS or X Brands

In Singapore's digital lock market, only a few brands exist, with SIEMENS being a popular choice. However, people often ask, "Which is superior?" We've identified 4 areas where SIEMENS outshines X Brand digital locks, including after-sales support and transparent pricing. Save time on research with our comprehensive comparison.


  • Colors

Everyone appreciates functional items with visual appeal, making SIEMENS a top choice! SIEMENS leads with the widest color selection among X Brand digital locks, offering three options across five series. This diversity allows endless possibilities for blending seamlessly with different interior designs.

  • Site Assessment

Navigating the challenges of home renovation can be stressful. To alleviate your concerns, SIEMENS provides a complimentary site assessment, a unique offer in the market. No need to worry about commitments; our assessment doesn't mandate order confirmation or upfront payments. If you decide otherwise later, that's perfectly fine. You'll still benefit from expert advice, including digital lock recommendations and placement suggestions.

  • Delivery and Installation

Different door installations may incur extra charges with some X Brand digital locks, but not with SIEMENS! We go above and beyond, covering everything from installation and delivery to patching up previous lock holes. Even trunking, if needed, comes at no cost. Plus, SIEMENS stands out as perhaps the only brand allowing customers to schedule installation within a year after purchase. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priorities.

  • Warranty

Here's an interesting tidbit: SIEMENS never imposes labor or transportation fees, even within the warranty period. If a digital lock needs post-warranty technical help, you'd only pay for the replaced lock part. Every SIEMENS digital lock includes a standard 3-year warranty, with no registration hassles. What's more, the warranty countdown starts on the day of installation, ensuring you get the most out of your security investment.

It's time to clarify the facts.

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