Why You Should Replace Your Bamboo Poles With An Automated Laundry System

Drying laundry is definitely one of those household chores that neither one of us is willing to do everyday and one task that we all can’t wait to get it over with. You have probably been stuck thinking in the process how you could have spent this time doing something else, much more worthwhile and valuable of your time. 

To help you get your laundry task quickly over with, here are 4 reasons to switch from drying your laundry on bamboo poles to an automated laundry system

Unpredictable Weather 

It is as annoying and worrying as it can get, when you are outside or just left your house when you realize your laundry is still hanging outside when the wind suddenly starts blowing strong, the sky starts getting dim, and in a few minutes rain drops start falling from the sky. 

Though sunny weather is ideal for outdoor drying, it is best to not overtrust your laundry with the weather. Having your laundry indoors will ensure that you won’t come home with a sock carried away by wind or clothes dampened by the rain. Furthermore, CAPTAIN automated laundry system also has a heater and blower function that allows you to dry your laundry even on cloudy and rainy days. 

More Safe 

Hanging laundry on bamboo poles out of kitchen windows is not an easy task at all, especially for the elders and helpers, who will be tricky reaching far and lifting the still wet laundry out the window, particularly when there's a heavy laundry load. The danger this task holds cannot be underestimated as well, with the possibility of falling out of windows while hanging laundry. In fact, numerous cases have been reported of such scenarios happening in HDB flats. 

However with an automated laundry system, you won’t have to worry about these risks at all. You will be able to hang your laundry with a touch of a button. Nevertheless, CAPTAIN automated laundry system also comes with a built-in smart sensor for obstacle detection, where it automatically stops when it encounters an obstacle to prevent collisions. 

Less Work 

We have all got those days where we have serious muscle aches from doing laundry and house chores. It is not an easy task lifting poles with damp laundry overhead every single day, especially when you have had a long day or just got back from work. 

To save you more time from doing laundry and make your life much easier than it is, an automated laundry system is what you need. It will drop down to a height of your desire where you can reach effortlessly, the extendable poles will also make sure to have all your laundry hanged. There will be no need to strain your body over some laundry tasks, save yourself from more work and get yourself more rest. 


Since automated laundry systems don't take up any space on the ground, there really is no limit on where you can install it on the ceiling, as long as it has a power source. Whether it is in your living room, hallway or bedroom, you can view it as a decor to brighten up your space, as each model comes with a LED light as well.

An automated laundry system is what you need to take some of that laundry burden off of your shoulders, where you can worry less and help you make doing laundry as effortless as it should be.